St. Peter's Igbo Anglican Church

Songs of the Week

Frank Edwards: Miracle Rain​

Cortes ft Dru Bex: Five Loaves

Be Edified!

Sermon Topics & Summaries

5/6: (Focus: John 15:1-11)​: Without JESUS (the Vine), we can do NOTHING. Jesus said, "Abide in Me, and I in you." We are called to be in constant communion with God, so that He can use us to carry out His light on earth.

5/13:  (Focus: general)​: *HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!* This sermon touched on what it means to be a virtuous woman of God, and then the position and duties of a godly mother in the home and elsewhere. God bless all of our mothers, as they continue to be examples of God's light here on earth to our families, amen!

5/20:  (Focus: Acts 2:1-12): *PENTECOST* This may be a surprise to many, but the Holy Spirit has actually been around since the beginning (Gen. 1:1-2), so Pentecost is NOT the day that the Holy Spirit came to earth. In the olden times, the Holy Spirit was only given to certain people at special occasions. However, on this day, the promised Comforter & Advocate came to empower the disciples in that area, just as the prophet Joel prophesied formerly (Joel 2:28-32). In the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, barriers were broken down, He reversed the Tower of Babel, and displayed that God is a promise-keeper. The Holy Spirit is our Strength to witness for Jesus in this world -- may we walk in that POWER today and always, amen!

5//27:  (Focus:):

Be Edified!

Sermon Topics & Summaries

4/1: (Focus: Mark 16:1-8): CHRIST IS RISEN!!!! That's the call ringing throughout the church today! Without Christ rising from the grave, we would have no hope and our sins would not be forgiven. But since He is alive, we have a chance at spending eternity with God! God is the one who goes before you to roll away the stone, so you can press on in faith. Praise the LORD! Happy Easter!

4/8: (Focus: John 20:19-31): We have a God where "impossibility" is not in His dictionary.  After Jesus raised from the dead, He came through closed doors to visit His scared followers and declared "Peace!" to them. Jesus gave them the Holy Spirit and the power to evangelize -- God never calls you to complete a task without equipping you first. Thomas is known as the "doubting" one: he was not there when Jesus appeared to the disciples after resurrection. However, Jesus, knowing Thomas' state of mind without even asking, told Thomas to touch and see that what He did on the cross was real, and that it was really Him. Thomas believed instantly, but Jesus said that those who have not seen Him and still believe are blessed. Brethren, Jesus calls you BLESSED. Walk in that truth today, amen!

4/15:   (Focus: Acts 3:1-10): "It is not the number that makes church, but the heart. God is not interested in lip service. He wants your heart." God is still in the business of doing miracles, and He can use His children to make miracles happen. The lame man by the temple had grown accustomed to his condition due to being lame for years. "Look at us!" Peter commanded, and the man looked up at once, expecting to receive money. But Peter ended up giving him the gift that surpasses any type of money: the mention of Jesus Christ and His power that caused the man to walk. The man consequently became a follower of Christ. May God give us the strength to enlighten lives with His good news, amen!

4/22: (Focus:  John 10:11-18): Here we see one of the "I am" sayings of Jesus: "I am the good Shepherd." We, like lost sheep, have gone astray, but we have a Shepherd that loves us and was willing to lay down His life to save ours. God has set limits on what the enemy can do to us; he is subdued and under the power of God. There are 2 types of shepherds: the hired help and the real shepherd. The former runs away and saves him/herself at the first instance of danger. The real shepherd is ready to fight for his sheep, by any means; that is the type Jesus is to us. The sheep know the Shepherd's voice -- are you a part of God's flock?? If not, today (now) is the day of salvation.   

4/29: (Focus:  Dan. 3:13-30): The story of Meshach, Shadrach, & Abednego is a familiar one, but this Sunday, it seemed much more real as the resilient faith of the 3 Hebrew boys matched that unwavering faith that Leah displayed before her captors. These boys did not make a decision based on the present situation OR on if God would save them: "Even if God does not save us, O King Nebuchadnezzar, we want you to know that we will not bow down to you." God showed His mighty hand and walked with them in the fire and caused them to experience promotion afterwards. Decide now that you will stand for God because you may not have that chance if trials arise. God is our sustenance. 


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