St. Peter's Igbo Anglican Church


Christian Fellowship is a very important thing to us. We have many ministries in our church. 



Men's Group

Meetings are held the second Sunday of every other month immediately after service.

Women of Faith (Women's Group)

Meetings are held the second  Sunday of every month immediately after service.

Prayer Sessions are the second Saturday at 9AM of every month.

Youth Ministry (YM)

Meetings are held the second Sunday of every month immediately after service. 

Children from the 6th grade and above are encouraged to join!

  •            Bible Study: Thursdays at 6pm (Venue: church)

Children's Ministry 

Children aged 12 and below are in this ministry. They have their own service in the church hall every Sunday morning at 11


Choir/band practice is every Saturday at 4pm to prepare for Sunday services.

Pastoral Care Team 

The Pastoral Care Team's responsibility is to visit any family in the church, they offer emotional and prayerful support to various church families. 

Evangelical Prayer Ministry (EPM)

The EPM's responsibility is to evangelize God's Word to people.

  • Mid-Week Prayer Session: Wednesdays at 7pm (Venue: church) 



1) Please involve every family member in this spiritual exercise.

2) Except for health reasons, everyone should be involved in the fasting as we humble ourselves as a church before God Almighty.

3) Believe that God is speaking and humbly accept the Spirit's ministration.

4) Be sure to be present on Saturday (1/27) at 9AM for Covenant Service and dedication of members for 2018! :)



-Psalm 142-145 

-John 3:1-16 

-Matthew 7:21-23 

-John 15:12-20

-Jeremiah 1:4-9

-1 Corinthians 7:20-24, 12:1-end


-Thanksgiving for God bringing us into another year and total surrender

-Are you truly born again? If not, this first day, read this passage and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You may call a fellow believer to help you with faith prayer.

​-Ask God to enable you to appreciate in detail, the price at which Jesus purchased you.

​ -Pray that God will open a ministry door for you, so that you are not in another person's ministry.



-Ezekiel 33:1-9

-Zechariah 4

-Psalm 19

-Acts 2


-Ask God to help you be a good watchman over all he placed you in charge of.

-Pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the development of our spiritual gifts.

-Pray for those who battle with long-time illnesses and those who are weak.



-Psalm 119:32-34, 27:4, 1:2

-Joshua 1:7-8

-Acts 9:1-20

-Isaiah 6:1-6, 55

-Hebrews 4

-Luke 5:5

-James 1:22-25

-Haggai 1-2


-For grace to be eager to study God's Word and for the gift to hear from Him

-Ask for spirit of obedience to the Word of God.

-For depth in the Word of God and power in the Word

-Ask God to help you stop resisting His pull on you.

-Pray for the progress of the Church and our commitment to God's house in holiness.